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Carmen Huntar

Carmen Huntar left a positive review 4/4/2019

Very encouraging and inspiriting event. A joy to see women expressing their interests and talking about working out their desires through their professions. A wonderful annual event.

Linda Vasquez

Linda Vasquez left a positive review 11/8/2018

What an inspiring evening! It was difficult to watch the movie, but it showed what our young men and women deal with when they integrate back into society.
Thank you to Josh and Kelly Hunsucker and Team RWB for organizing this event.

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell left a positive review 5/6/2018

Very informative


Susan left a review 5/6/2018

I think it left a lot more questions than answers, I feel the University community feels frustrated by that.

Dolores Alaniz

Dolores Alaniz left a positive review 3/19/2018

President Eibeck's presentation was incredibly inspiring. I'm encouraged that UoP will refine objectives and ensure we are functionally effective to meet the changing needs of the world we live in. I'm on-board with her Vision and believe that with her courageous leadership... the future is bright.

Ines Ruiz-Huston

Ines Ruiz-Huston left a positive review 1/24/2017

Great job. Lots of wonderful information provided. Needs to be done again.

Elaine Wheeler

Elaine Wheeler left a positive review 10/16/2016

Nicely done

Elaine Wheeler

Elaine Wheeler left a positive review 3/5/2017

Good overview of the budget and the process to create it. Some very good questions and responses. Attendance should have been higher for such an important topic.

Erika Greet

Erika Greet left a positive review 3/5/2017

The presentation was thoughtfully organized and informative. Some of the slides could have been larger, as the smaller font was hard to read.

Shani Richards

Shani Richards left a positive review 12/11/2016

Great presentation that is applicable beyond student success. As a staff member I benefited from the presentation and the audience reactions, input and questions.