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The Center for Teaching and Learning is located in Room 230 on the 2nd floor of the William Knox Holt Memorial Library

William Knox Holt Memorial Library, 2nd Floor, Room 230




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Digital Learning Series Kickoff

How can you design learner-centered digital projects in the classroom? The Digital Learning Series kickoff will showcase current Pacific classroom projects...

3/26 12 pm
Open Education Resources at Pacific: Lowering Cost and Enhancing Success for Students

According to data from the Census Bureau, textbook costs have risen 945% from 1978 to 2015. This increase prompts the question of whether students are...

3/27 11:50 am
Teaching & Learning Book Club: The New Education by Cathy Davidson

The world has changed radically since the 19th century, but higher education has not. How might we reimagine our institutions for the 21st century? Cathy...

3/29 12 pm
It's Happening in the Margins: Self-Annotation to Make Learning Visible

The margins of an essay are where the instructor’s comments go, right? What if we shared this space and asked students to provide their own commentary on...

3/30 12:30 pm
Tales from the Intercultural Classroom: Staff Perspectives

How can we make our campus experiences outside the classroom more welcoming for Pacific's growing international student population? This workshop is...

4/3 11:50 am

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Erica Peppers

Erica Peppers left a positive review 10/27/2015

It was great I learned a lot of new things about Fair Use and I am now armed with a checklist to use when in question whether I'm using materials that are covered under Fair Use.

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