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Food Studies Saturday Seminar: "Food Fads and Dieting Culture" with Adrienne Rose Johnson

Food Studies Saturday Seminar: "Food Fads... 2/13 10:00 am

Welcome to the long, strange history of American diets. This history suggests much about why weight loss is a $33 billion industry and how books like Loren...

Hatshepsut: From Priestess to King of Egypt

Hatshepsut: From Priestess to King of Egypt 3/1 7:00 pm

The Department of Religious Studies presents the annual Colliver Lecture. Dr. Kara Cooney, Egyptologist (UCLA), will speak about the famous Egyptian ruler...

 Food Journalism and Beyond: A Look at Modern-Day Food Writing with Alissa Merksamer

Food Journalism and Beyond: A Look at... 3/5 10:00 am

Want to be a food writer? The demand for food writing is high, but today's writers must look beyond traditional journalism. Join us for a discussion about...

"Frontline: Latinos & Immigration from a Woman's Perspective" with Maria Hinojosa

"Frontline: Latinos & Immigration from... 3/8 7:00 pm

Award-winning investigative journalist Maria Hinojosa will be speaking on "Latinos and Immigration from the Women's Perspective." Hinojosa is an...

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