Morris Chapel

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Morris Chapel serves as a religious and spiritual center for both the University and Stockton communities. While the chapel has its foundations in the Methodist church, it now serves as a non-denominational Chapel, welcoming people of all faiths. 

Upcoming Events

Huerta Cortes Rehearsal

Huerta Cortes Rehearsal 9/1 6 pm

Morris Chapel Rehearsal

Huerta Cortes Wedding

Huerta Cortes Wedding 9/2 1 pm

Morris Chapel Wedding

Turpin Dailey Rehearsal

Turpin Dailey Rehearsal 9/2 7 pm

Morris Chapel Rehearsal

Turpin Dailey Wedding

Turpin Dailey Wedding 9/3 5 pm

Morris Chapel Wedding

Lechich Lee Rehearsal

Lechich Lee Rehearsal 9/29 5 pm

Morris Chapel Rehearsal

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