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"Never a Burnt Bridge" by Syliva Sun Minnick

An abandoned infant raised as a refugee in Japanese-occupied Malaya during World War II, guest speaker, Sylvia Sun Minnick, is united with her parents after...

3/26 3:30 pm
War, Peace and Religion presented by Rex Hamilton

All world religions proclaim peace, yet all have also justified violence. This lecture by Rex Hamilton, Professor of General Education and Religious Studies,...

4/2 3:30 pm
Activism in the Making: Feminsim and the Female Artist with Lisa Cooperman

“Why have there been no great women artists?” critic Linda Nochlin asked the art world in a 1971 essay. Art’s history acknowledges that “great” artists owed...

4/9 3:30 pm
Costume! The Visual Necessity of Opera presented by Renata Bricka

This lecture will look at the meaning and complexity of an opera costume. This includes looking at the production’s practical aspects of design stages and...

4/16 3:30 pm
The World and Trump's Global Policy Revisions, Part I, with Gene Bigler

This lecture series will explore some of the major innovations in U.S. policy and the response to the changes from within the U.S. and by the international...

4/23 3:30 pm

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