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Balance Clinic

Balance Clinic 7/3 3:30 pm

Doctor of Physical Therapy students and their instructor are offering a FREE one-on-one personal balance training and fall prevention session. You are...

Star Gazing

Star Gazing 7/11 3:30 pm

Presented by Larry Grimes, NASA Airborne Astronomy Amabasador, Star Gazing is an orientation on how to read the sky at night. Learn which planets,...

Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio 7/18 3:30 pm

Historian paul Helman will speak about the creation and development of radio, the first broadcast stations and the establishment of nationwide radio networks...

The Current State of U.S.-China Relations

The Current State of U.S.-China Relations 7/25 3:30 pm

Along with the new presidential administration in Washington D.C., has come a change in rhetoric regarding our approach to relations with China. In this...

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Asparagus King 6/27/2017

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