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University College at University of the Pacific is committed to extending learning opportunities beyond the traditional campus environment by delivering degree completion programs for working adults, professional development classes for teachers seeking salary advancement, extension courses for college students to earn additional academic units, and online certificates and courses for business professionals looking to advance their careers.  We offer stellar customer service and course options for whatever you're looking for - retraining, new skills, extra units, or finishing your degree. 

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Valley Fever, by Helen Gross

What is coccidioides immitis? Helen Gross will explain this sometimes deadly disease which is endemic to areas of the San Joaquin Valley, the southwestern...

9/18 3:30 pm
The Folk Singers and the Bureau Part 1, by Aaron Leonard

The most prominent folk singers of the twentieth century, Woody Guthrie, ‘Sis Cunningham, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Burl Ives, were also political activists...

9/25 3:30 pm
Stockton Magnificent, Barrio Bravo: Public Muralism in Stockton and Mexico City, by Josh Salyers

Public muralism is often used by communities as a form of activism and a way to tell a community’s story. After a brief discussion of his work studying...

10/2 3:30 pm
Reversing History: From Hard Times to Good Time Remedy, by Gene Bigler

Explore the historical roots of earlier authoritarian episodes in both the U.S. and other countries to emphasize the difference in our current experience and...

10/9 3:30 pm
Authoritarianism Across the Globe: Some Common Threads of our Modern Malaise, by Gene Bigler

Take a close look at the experience of a few countries, especially Venezuela, the Philippines, Turkey, Hungary and Russia, to identify underlying...

10/16 3:30 pm

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