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The University Library delivers its services from two facilities. The main library, the William Knox Holt Memorial Library, provides resources in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, music, business, education, natural and physical sciences, and engineering. The focus of the Health Sciences Branch is on pharmacy and physical therapy resources. These facilities offer a variety of study settings, including carrels, large tables, lounge areas, and group study rooms. Independent of the facilities, a rapidly increasing number of network-based library resources are available throughout the campus, around the clock. The Legal Studies Center on the Sacramento Campus houses the law library.

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Copyright: Know Your Rights

Congratulations, your article has been accepted to a prestigious journal! But, do you understand all your rights in the journal contract? Come learn about...

3/28 12:10 pm
Why Publishing Open Access?

The benefits of Open Access publishing will be explained in this talk. The presenters will clarify the difference between Gold and Green OA, discuss funder...

4/2 12:10 pm
Demystifying Citation Metrics

Attendees will learn about the benefits and limitations of citation analysis. We will also provide help to find metrics such as h-index or Journal Impact...

4/3 12:10 pm
Finding a Home for Your Publication

This talk will provide some guidance on how to select the best journal for a publication, how to avoid predatory publishers, and how to maximize the impact...

4/9 12:10 pm
Film: "The Unruly Mystic, John Muir"

John Muir Movie explores the remarkable life and influential works of a patron saint of environmental activism. The world’s environmental movement stands on...

4/13 1 pm

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