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The University Library delivers its services from two facilities. The main library, the William Knox Holt Memorial Library, provides resources in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, music, business, education, natural and physical sciences, and engineering. The focus of the Health Sciences Branch is on pharmacy and physical therapy resources. These facilities offer a variety of study settings, including carrels, large tables, lounge areas, and group study rooms. Independent of the facilities, a rapidly increasing number of network-based library resources are available throughout the campus, around the clock. The Legal Studies Center on the Sacramento Campus houses the law library.

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Library Student Welcome Event

The second floor “Reading Commons” — 15,000 square feet, 100+ seats, 9 study rooms and a Multi-Faith Prayer and Meditation Space — is reopening for student...

1/30 8:30 am
Scholarly Communication Talks: Top 5 Resources You Didn't Know the Library Had!

Streaming videos, streaming music, LINK+, and more! Discover the top five resources that the library provides that you may not know about and how they can be...

2/5 12:10 pm
Scholarly Communication Talks: Introduction to Pacific’s Thesis & Dissertation Format Guide

Aimed at all Pacific graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation (T/D) as part of their program, this presentation will introduce attendees to the...

2/6 12:10 pm
Scholarly Communication Talks: Debunk Fake News

The proliferation of fake news during the presidential election of 2016 was alarming. Evaluating sources, media literacy and information literacy are more...

2/13 12:10 pm
Scholarly Communication Talks: Managing Your Citations with RefWorks

Are you working on a big research project with a lot of sources? Let us show you how to organize your research using the RefWorks citation manager!

2/19 12:10 pm

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