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Blood Drive

By Center for Success, Dugoni School Alumni Association

Thursday, November 1, 2018 9:00am to 2:00pm

155 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Give blood, save lives.

As oral health care providers and supporters, we at the Dugoni School strive to help people lead healthy lives and to lead philanthropic lives ourselves by giving back – what better way to do both than donating life-saving blood!

Some facts/reminders for donors:

1.   O-Negative blood is the most universal, but all types are taken.
2.  Double red-cell donations take a bit longer, but are desperately needed.
3.  There are height and weight restrictions for those under 22 years of age.
4.  Donors should eat breakfast or lunch prior to their blood draw.
5.  Donors should be well-hydrated; start super-hydrating at least the night before your draw.
6.  Donors will need to bring photo identification and can complete the health questionnaire online via Fast Track prior to arrival. This must be done on the same day as the donation and will cut down your appointment time considerably. Fast Track information

Why donate?

1. Blood transfusions save lives and there is no substitute for human blood; every two seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion.
2. One in seven people entering a hospital need blood; twenty percent of recipients are children.
3. A pint of blood can help up to three people.
4. Only 10% of eligible California donors give blood; twenty percent of California’s supply comes from outside the state because not enough people donate locally.
5. Did we mention it saves lives?
6. It could be you, or a loved one, who needs blood…be a donor!

Sign up online to book your appointment: Click here to schedule your AWEsome Lifesaving Appointment!

For more information, contact Rowena O'Connor at

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