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Mahler At Pacific

Mahler At Pacific 1/22 2 pm

Select high school students join the University Symphony Orchestra in a performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 5.

Friends of Chamber Music - Faure Quartet

Friends of Chamber Music - Faure Quartet 2/5 2:30 pm

The Faure Quartett has established itself as one of the world’s leading piano quartets within just a few years. Dirk Mommertz (piano), Erika Geldsetzer...

Resident Artist Series - Frank Wiens, piano

Resident Artist Series - Frank Wiens, piano 2/10 7:30 pm

Always a favorite, pianist Frank Weins performs works from the standard classical repertoire.

An Evening with Shaun King

An Evening with Shaun King 2/21 7 pm

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, prominent social justice advocate and author Shaun King will be the speaking at Faye Spanos Concert Hall as part of University of the...

University Symphony Orchestra

University Symphony Orchestra 2/25 7:30 pm

Winners of the Student Concerto Competition are featured followed by a performance of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite.

Recent Events

Composer's Club I 12/6/2016

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Ines Ruiz-Huston

Ines Ruiz-Huston left a positive review 9/23/2016

Beautiful performances. Wonderful event.

Donna May

Donna May left a positive review 4/19/2016

I love any musical event Patrick Langham is involved with, The ensemble and vocalist were great, the show was short but sweet.

James Dugoni

James Dugoni posted a photo 4/10/2015

James Dugoni

James Dugoni posted a photo 4/10/2015

James Dugoni

James Dugoni posted a photo 4/10/2015

James Dugoni

James Dugoni posted a photo 4/10/2015

Roland Di Franco

Roland Di Franco left a positive review 2/16/2015

Angela has not lost a drop of brain power since the '60's. Her link between issues bear attention. I do think she did not give credit to those few police who are reaching out to their communities. Some balance was missibg.

David Hudson

David Hudson left a negative review 2/25/2013

First, I appreciate the road Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has paved for equality in American athletics and sympathize with the discrimination Mr. Jabbar may have faced at the outset of his career. However, Kareem perpetuated ignorance of our founding fathers, blatantly lied about the perspective of the Tea Party, stated that the reason black athletes like Evander Holyfield have lost their fortunes is because of white oppression, and reinforced ideas of government dependence and the fault of white Americans for every problem the black American has ever had. I attended in the hope of hearing an acknowledgment of past wrongs by the United States, which I received plenty of, but was hopeful he would encourage a policy of proving stereotypes wrong with actions and achievement despite oppression rather than leaving behind a legacy of dependent excuse makers. His speech seemed to reinforce structural binaries with his distinguishing of black Americans from white Americans, rather than referring to everyone as just "American". He spoke of the need to make sacrifices for the little guy, but arrogantly pointed out that it was Magic Johnson's job to make sacrifices in order to let someone "who can score" have the ball. Everyone but Kareem seemed to be making the sacrifices in his analogies. I hope that the audience was skeptical of the majority of his claims and know the truth about history beyond the talking points of modern liberals.

Faye Spanos Concert Hall

Faye Spanos Concert Hall posted a photo 1/20/2011

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