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The Lair Pub on the second floor of the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center, is a hub of student activity, dining and entertainment. Guest artists, student performances and open mic nights are some of the activities that hit the Brickyard stage. 

901 Presidents Dr, Stockton, CA 95211




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SG left a negative review 4/5/2017

I've ordered pizza from the lair about every week for the past year. I order the exact same thing every time: Large Supreme Pizza- remove olives, add onions.... and some how they get the order wrong EVERY TIME. Literally, they have never gotten the order right one time over the past year. Besides the order being wrong, the pizza is undercooked 90% of the time & it takes at least 40 minutes to get my order.If I wasn't so dependent on my meal plan for food, I would just get pizza elsewhere, no big deal.... but I am stuck with this pizza. Your cooks/staff need to be handled. Immediately.

The Lair

The Lair posted a photo 3/23/2016